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One-Call Tickets Used To Increase Safety AwarenessUnderground Focus Magazine, Jan/Feb 1993View
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Hit on marked gasoline pipeline results in $400,000 damages. Excavator uses experience to promote proper safety procedures on his crews.
Locate Your Opponents Before You Start Digging - Damage Prevention LegislationUnderground Focus Magazine Jan/Feb 1996View
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Understanding the Legislative process helps plan effective strategy for passing desired legislation.
Mapping Session at Symposium Highlights Accuracy ProblemsUnderground Focus Magazine May/June 1996View
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When old maps are updated with GPS quality coordinates, items show up in the wrong places.
Making One Call Work for You - Use These TipsConstructor; Nov 1996View
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Use these handy tips for quicker better service
It's A Jungle Down There. How Does One-Call Help?Trenchless Technology Magazine; May 1997View
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Tips for reducing damage by directional drilling.
Can Excess Flow Valves Save Your Life?Constructor; Nov 1997View
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The Controversy Over Cost, Effectiveness
Finding Unmarked Underground Utilities?The Underground Press (The Minnesota Utility Contractors Association) Spring 2001View
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Contact Numbers Facilitate Excavator/Operator Communications?Underground Focus Magazine; January/February 2001View
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Notification Centers that provide utility phone numbers to excavators make damage prevention easier.
Maps of dig Sites Reduce Damage.Underground Focus Magazine; November/December 2001View
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Notification centers accept drawings of dig sites from excavators and send them to utility locators.
Getting Utilities Out of the Way of Road Projects ChallengingUnderground focus Magazine January 2002View
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Road projects are often delayed when existing utilities are not relocated in a timely manner.
Training Emergency Responders should Be Facility Owner PriorityUnderground Focus Magazine; July/August 2002View
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Who is training emergency responders how to respond?
Some Call Centers Resist Providing Contact Numbers?Underground Focus Magazine; October 2002View
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Update and examples of notification centers providing utility locator phone numbers to excavators.
Contact Number Facilitate Excavator / Operator CommunicationUnderground Focus, December 2000View
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Excavator Subcontracts One-Call NotificationsUnderground Focus, January / February 1999View
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